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About Facebook's Certified Trainer Program

FBLA and Facebook invite you to become a Facebook Certified Trainer!

FBLA and Facebook have partnered together to create a program for students and teachers to become certified trainers. We’re looking for individuals who want to help people and businesses in their communities by learning how to teach digital marketing skills across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Candidates will earn the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Certification


  • Earn globally-recognized credentials
  • Expand your Facebook marketing skills
  • Improve your facilitation and delivery skills
  • Access a library of training resources
  • Train your community to use Facebook marketing tools
  • Join our online global trainer community
Click here to learn more about being a Facebook Certified Trainer.

Program Requirements

Selected participants who meet the requirements will attend a 2-day virtual workshop on training and facilitation skills. Upon completion, participants will receive a Trainer Network Badge and get access to their own profile page, exclusive Facebook group and resources to start delivering training sessions.

Trainers will be required to conduct at least 1 (or more) virtual workshops, ideally training at least 100 participants on a volunteer basis per year with Facebook approved content. Joining this program can be extremely rewarding providing you with Facebook product, marketing and training delivery skills. It also provides professional level credentials that are recognized in the industry. Trainers will become part of an online community where they can learn and share with trainers around the world.

Additionally, with your Digital Marketing Associate Certification, you’ll have access to join the Facebook Certified Career Network, connecting you with potential employers around the globe who value your accredited knowledge of Facebook products and services. 


  • When: February through March
  • Who: Any students or advisers committed to completing the certification (approximately 8 hours), the two-day workshop, and training at least 100 people each calendar year
  • Where: Virtual
  • Cost: Free 

How to Participate

In partnership with Meta, we are excited to share that our new program for our educators and students to become Meta Certified Trainers is now available.

This new training program will have you earn your Digital Marketing Associate certification (at no cost) and have you attend a training workshop to learn best practices in teaching marketing content to others. 

Here are the next steps to get you into the program:

  1. Sign up to join the program by January 31st. After registering, you will receive further instructions for how to earn your Digital Marketing Associate certification through Meta Blueprint at no cost.
  2. Schedule your certification exam to take the exam before March 1st. You will receive a voucher code to take the exam after completing your registration.
  3. Prepare for the exam by leveraging the Meta Blueprint study materials.
  4. Take the exam before March 1st.
  5. FBLA will create a space in the Learning Center to promote collaboration amongst all educators and students participating in the program. Register here!

Once you take the exam, you’ll be invited sometime in February to a workshop hosted by Meta to share best practices in delivering marketing-related content.