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In order to access the majority of the Learning Center, you'll need to login. You can do so by clicking the blue login button in the top right hand corner of the page and using your my.FBLA Membership Database credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Learning Center! This page will continue to be updated as more users access the platform and have questions. Below are frequently asked questions based on topic. In the sidebar to the right, you'll find instructional videos that demonstrate how to navigate the platform. If you can't find your answer in either question, submit your question using the form at the bottom of this page and a member of the National Center will respond as soon as possible.


How do I access the Learning Center?

All paid members and advisers can access the Learning Center using their my.FBLA-PBL Membership Database username and password. For a demonstration, click the Watch Video button under How to Login on the menu on the right-hand side of this screen. 

How do I register for programs? 

Only paid members can access the programming available. 

  1. Click the 'Login' button on the top right hand corner of the FBLA Learning Center homepage. 
  2. You will need to use the same e-mail address and password that you use to sign-in to the my.FBLA-PBL Membership Database
  3. Once logged in, you can register for programs open to your membership division.

For a demonstration, click the Watch Video button under How to Register on the menu on the right-hand side of this screen.

What if I do not know my username and password? 

Your username should be the e-mail address that was used when you were entered into the my.FBLA-PBL Membership Database.  If you need to reset your password, please go to my.FBLA-PBL and click the Reset Password button.

If you do not know what email was used when you were entered into my.FBLA-PBL, please ask your adviser.

I have paid my membership dues but am still unable to access the system. What should I do?

The membership year runs from August 1st to July 31st. If you paid membership dues in a previous year but not yet for the current membership year, you will need to pay your new dues to access the system. If you have paid your dues for the current year but still cannot access the system, please check with your adviser. 

Achievement Awards

How do I start an award?

Paid members can start an award simply by registering for the award in the Learning Center. If you are uncertain how to register for an award, watch the orientation video on the home screen of the Learning Center.

Are the activities in the new achievement award programs the same as before?

No! The activities and levels of each award program are brand new with the launch of the 2021-22 membership year. All activities are completed inside the Learning Center courses. 

What if I already achieved levels of the LEAD and/or BAA program?

If you have already received LEAD and/or BAA Awards, those awards will still be recognized in their previous form but do not apply to the new achievement award levels.

What if I was working toward an award last year but didn't finish the award? Am I still able to count my work towards the new awards program?

No. Unfortunately, any work towards the previous achievement awards will not count towards the new achievement award levels. This was announced last year to ensure everyone who wanted to complete the award was able to.

Do I need to complete the awards in order?

No. At this time, we are not requiring that students complete LEAD or BAA levels in order. While we encourage students to complete each level in order, students can choose which levels they want to complete as well as the order in which they want to complete each level. 

Still Need Help?

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