Learning Center

Getting Started with the Learning Center


Above is a screenshot of what you will see when you first open the Learning Center. We have marked with yellow circles some key steps to take.

  • Login – Click the blue button in the top right-hand corner to login using your normal my.FBLA Membership Database credentials. 
  • Review the Learning Center Knowledge Base Articles - We are continuously updating the Learning Center Knowledge Base with answers to your questions, so we encourage you to review the content on this page.
  • Visit your Division Hub - Each division has a landing page designed specifically for that division. Advisers should always visit the Adviser Hub and not their student's division page.

Getting Started Guide for Advisers

Getting Started Guide for Students

How to Use the Learning Center - Instructional Videos

All videos to be updated this Fall 2022 to reflect new branding.

  • Welcome to the Learning Center!
    Click here for an introduction to the Learning Center.
  • How to Login
    Click here to learn how to login to the Learning Center.
  • Membership Divisions
    Click here to learn about the structure of membership pages.
  • How to Register
    Click here to learn how to register for specific programs.
  • Program Components
    Click here to learn about the structure of each program.